Outstanding Academics

Our college creates an environment that instills a strong work ethic, discipline, and a set of principles that will empower students for their future studies and careers.

At Senghundhar College of Pharmacy, our commitment to the growth and success of our students is unwavering. The constant reviews, personalized attention, and timely counseling provided by our management, principal, and faculty members ensure that each student has the support needed to overcome challenges and achieve their highest potential. Our institution takes pride in producing graduates who, like inestimable buds, spread fragrance throughout the pharmaceutical world.

The Academic offers include 4 major specializations courses, so your degree will surely reflect your interests and strengths.


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Featured Courses

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D. Pharm (Diploma in Pharmacy)

D. Pharm is a 2-year diploma program designed to provide students with foundational knowledge and skills in pharmaceutical sciences.

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B.Pharm (Bachelor of Pharmacy)

B.Pharm is a 4-year undergraduate program in pharmaceutical sciences encompassing pharmaceutics, chemistry, pharmacology, pharmacognosy, analysis, and regulatory affairs.

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M.Pharm (Master of Pharmacy)

M.Pharm is a 2-year postgraduate program specializing in pharmaceutical sciences. Core and elective courses cover advanced topics, with a potential research project or dissertation.

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Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm. D)

Pharm.D is a 6-year doctoral program integrating academic, practical, and experiential learning, emphasizing clinical pharmacy, patient care, and pharmaceutical practice.